Finally got a break in the clouds last night and managed to get some nice shots of the sunset over Bigbury-on-Sea.

The panorama below was one of my biggest yet, made up of an epic 27 high quality raw files making the final image a wopping 1000MB to work on. Hopefully you agree despite the tide being in and the cloudy conditions it made a pretty good panorama.

Burgh is a cool little island that uses a sea tractor to travel to the main land when the tides in but during low tide you can walk across the beautiful sandy beach all the way to the island.

If you zoom in close enough you can see the sea tractor parked up next to the local pub (Pilchard Inn) and to the left you've got the famous Burgh Island Hotel where famous author Agatha Christie stayed.

Check out the hotels drone footage below showcasing the island at its best plus my time-lapse during the photo shoot giving you some idea of what I was up against weather wise. šŸ˜€

Burgh Island Hotel

Burgh Island Time-Lapse

If you fancy stopping at Burgh Island Hotel you can find out more from their website.

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